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Each of us has the right, during his lifetime, to freely organize his funeral, according to his wishes, his beliefs and his means. To choose his mode of burial or to dispose freely of his body is a privilege as important as that to be able to relieve his relatives of all material and administrative concerns. “Going alone” sums up what the funeral insurance fund represents, a simple way to calmly organize your departure in every detail.


The funeral guarantee principle

The funeral guarantee principle

There are several forms of funeral insurance. The simplest formula is that which consists solely of the pre-financing of the funeral by the repayment of the subscribed capital to the persons designated by contract who will be in charge of the funeral.

A second, more extensive formula is the funeral insurance plan which covers funeral expenses but goes further by also providing for their organization by the insurance company, according to the wishes specified during the subscription. You will be able to indicate if you wish for example a religious ceremony, a burial or cremation, a mode of burial, a model of coffin precise and any particular form of service. The insurance company will be mandated to manage the entire funeral and will ensure their smooth running. The advantage of this formula is to relieve your loved ones logistical and administrative steps, always painful in such circumstances, while allowing them to check under the contract, if your wishes have been properly respected.

The payment of funeral expenses is paid in part or in full directly from the Funeral Homes and various funeral providers.

What funeral capital to choose?

What funeral capital to choose?

Depending on the type of funeral chosen, you determine a sum among 7 amounts ranging from 2000 to 10000 €. The average cost of a burial is between 2500 and 6500 €.

To build a funeral capital and thus provide for the organization of his funeral, there are several forms of contributions, single or periodic payments made over a defined period or until the death of the subscriber in the case of elderly people. The cost of a funeral insurance and the amount of contributions depends on the age of the subscriber and the amount guaranteed. The sooner the subscription is made, the lower the amount of the contributions, which can amount to only 4 € per month.
When the contribution period has ended, the payments stop automatically and the subscriber remains insured until his death.

In the case of an accidental death in the first year of contributions, the coverage is effective, without delay and a designated beneficiary will collect the entire funeral capital provided by the contract within 48 hours of receipt of the supporting documents. For the subscription of an insurance funeral insurance to the tune of 4000 € with monthly payments of 90 €, 4000 € will be paid even if you do not justify a year of contributions. For any other cause of death, a waiting period of one year is necessary in order to benefit from the funeral guarantee.

Full support

Full support

To choose a funeral insurance is to delegate to an insurance professional the entire organization of his funeral which is not limited to the only ceremony. This organization and the services it includes are defined in the funeral contract. The organization and management of this event also includes the care of the body, the deposit of the body at the chosen place at home or in the funeral chamber, the transport before and after the introduction of beer, the operations of opening and filling pit or vault, publication and notices-to-share as well as thanks. Repatriation insurance can also be considered in the event that the death occurs outside the borders as well as the transport of the body in the place of your choice, practice very regulated by the legislation of the funeral transports.

Funeral insurance funeral offers assistance and valuable assistance to your loved ones to make the necessary formalities for them. Financial help, because the costs of losing a loved one can be quickly problematic and cause real distress, and assistance, welcome to a time when the loss of a loved one plunges those who remain in deep distress. It is important to check the care items defined in the funeral contract proposed by the insurer.

An informative funeral guide is given at the time of any subscription in order to inform the insured on the essential topics related to the death. Funeral tips, specific information on organ and body donation, cremation and burial legislation, and procedures for collecting pensions. Nothing is left to chance and all the questions inherent to the end of life find here clear and precise answers.

The advantages of taking out funeral insurance

The advantages of taking out funeral insurance

The contract stipulates precisely the details of the future funeral which guarantee to the holder that his wishes will be fully respected after his death and that no modification will be made by a relative concerning the services chosen. No one will be able to oppose a cremation, a non-religious ceremony or any will.

The insurance company guarantees its owner that the capital set aside is used solely for his funeral, since he is the sole manager of the funeral companies.

The relatives of the deceased will have no worries of payment and will be relieved to have to take care of anything, which is highly appreciable at these painful times.

A contract always modifiable


Law n ° 2004-1343 of December 9, 2004 offers the possibility to any person subscribing an insurance funeral insurance to modify when it seems to him that, until his death, the terms of his contract. If this is the case, he will only be charged the management fees provided for in the general conditions of the contract.



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