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Would you like to pamper yourself and create new opportunities in the home? What better than buying and installing a spa so you don’t have to spend expensive wellness stays. There is no doubt that a Jacuzzi is first class luxury and something most people will enjoy.

You can look for spa and jacuzzi consumer loans online, no matter how much money you lack. Most spas can be financed for 5,000 to 90,000 DKK.


Loan to new jacuzzi or spa


Loan to new jacuzzi or spa


If you want to apply for a loan for a new jacuzzi, you can do it for free and without obligation via You probably already know what you are missing from the account, so you can choose your desired amount of money to look at the loan providers.

Choose your approximately loan amount from the menu to see where you can borrow.

We can especially recommend you the providers Bank Norwegian and Santander Consumer. Two of the cheapest providers online, international players who have control over the cases. Search with them and then you should end up with a cheap loan for the spa.

Well and notice if you meet their requirements for applicants. You can check their application requirements and more by going to our comparison charts.

The price level

The price level

The price level of a new spa depends very much on whether it should be inflatable or firmly installed with good materials. Most will prefer the latter and it is also the most expensive solution. Conversely, most people know how it is with an inflatable swimming pool – it is by no means the same as a classic swimming pool.

We recommend that you choose a permanently installed spa, made of solid materials, as it lasts the longest and gives you the optimum effect. For who wants to suddenly have to breathe it up when to relax. Work before you can relax, you can almost hear how it sounds!

What is the difference?

What is the difference?

Are you in doubt as to whether there is a difference between a spa and a jacuzzi. There is a difference, since Jacuzzi is actually a fire for a special type of spa. The latter can therefore be used in many different contexts, since the designation is somewhat broader.

A spa is the general term, while the jacuzzi is a brand name.

We want to hit both target groups with our article, which is why we have chosen to use both terms. However, there must be no doubt that these are different concepts, although most people see it as the same thing.

It must be added that most Danes connect spa baths, with the heated baths located outside, while the jacuzzi is the ones that find indoors in bathrooms and hotels. It is often the case that the two things are used in practice. The definition of a spa is a bathtub that can make bubbles, so it can of course be located where you want it.


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