BRAC Bank allows credit card holders to self-register for internet banking


BRAC Bank has announced that it will allow customers to self-register for its online banking service using credit cards, a press release said.

Previously, the registration process was only open to bank debit cardholders.

BRAC Bank customers can now benefit from the bank’s online banking service on the bank’s website and complete the self-registration process using their debit and credit cards.

Commenting on the new feature, BRAC Bank Managing Director and CEO Selim RF Hussain said, “BRAC Bank is at the forefront of digital banking solutions and we want all of our customers to be able to use digital options.

BRAC Bank’s online banking service allows its customers to manage their accounts and cards and perform real-time fund transfers to mobile accounts and wallets, pay card bills, utility bills , mobile bills, insurance bills, among others.

For self-registration, a customer will be required to provide their active 16-digit credit or debit card number, card PIN, and a registered mobile phone number. The PIN code is used as an access code for customer self-registration and the bank does not store the PIN code anywhere in its banking system. – New Age


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