man from Racine allegedly stole a car but left his debit card in the vehicle | Crime and courts


RACINE – A man from Racine has been charged with an armed robbery where he stole a car and several other items.

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Darrion J. Gunn, 26, of 4200 block of Marquette Drive, has been charged with armed robbery, vehicle seizure without the owner’s consent through the use or threat of force, concealment of stolen property between $ 2,500 and $ 5,000 and possession of a firearm by a criminal, three counts of theft and flight on bail, and counts of carrying a concealed weapon and obstructing a officer.

According to criminal complaints:

At 11:30 p.m. on February 8, an officer was dispatched to block 4200 LaSalle Street for a vehicle theft report.


The officer met the owner of the stolen car, who said his son was using the car when it was stolen at gunpoint in the 1000 block of Arthur Avenue.

The man said two men robbed him as he was approaching someone’s house. As he reached the door, the two came up behind him and told him to give them all of his things. Each had a gun, a handgun and the other an assault rifle. They took the car, $ 1,900 in foreign currency, $ 1,900 in Cartier sunglasses, shoes, a wallet with debit cards, an iPhone 12+, and a gold chain.

The stolen car was found along with a debit / credit card in the center console with the name Darrion on it. The investigation led to Gunn where it was learned he lived in the 4200 block of Marquette Drive, the same neighborhood where the car was found.


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