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Some United Overseas Bank (UOB) customers found themselves unable to access online banking or ATMs this Sunday, July 4.

UOB acknowledged the disturbance via a Facebook post around 1 p.m., apologizing to those who couldn’t access online banking or use UOB Mighty, the bank’s mobile app.

“We are trying to resolve the issue as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience,” the statement said.

UOB customers commented on the post, sharing their own experiences.

A customer revealed that he tried to go to several ATMs, but to no avail.

Another said that after failing to transact with a UOB ATM, he was able to do so using an OCBC ATM instead.

At the time of writing, UOB has not announced that access to the affected services has been restored.

However, one user commented around 3 p.m. that access to UOB Mighty had been restored for him.

UOB then updated its Facebook post, stating that access to personal internet banking and UOB Mighty has been fully restored.

“We also want to reassure customers that our systems remain secure and that our ATMs have not been affected by this issue,” UOB said.

DBS issue three weeks ago

About three weeks ago, a number of DBS customers reported seeing duplicate transactions on their credit and debit cards.

Some users also failed to log in through online banking due to the high volume of traffic.

DBS later said the incident was caused by a payment processing issue and affected customers were automatically reimbursed the next day.

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